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Terms and Conditions :

Telvisio Solutions cares for customers' safety in their deals. 

We take 100% responsibility if any damages happen during the order non-delivery or any damages in the order while transportations but we would be needing an Unboxing and Testing videos from our customers in a single shot so that we can understand the issues and provide the solutions accordingly. 
Note: We donot give any 100% money-back guarantee on the quality of the product as we are importing the products from china and sell them after testing it on our side. Once we test the product then only we can make the product ready to deliver in the customer's side. We never deliver faulty products to our customer's side. 

We import our product and delivery to our customers after Testing it on ourside. 
We also provide Testing + packing pictures and videos2our customers to show that we are only sending the 100% working brand new products from ourside. 

We expect good rating for our business as we never do bad with any customers from ourside. 
We promise a 100% Genuine products shipped from ourside for our customers. 
We donot take the products back after selling as we give a 100% working brand new products to our customers. 
We care for the deals between us and our customers.
If a Customer wants to return the product in some unfavourable circumstances then we first will receive the product in ourside in ok condition where we can understand the condition of issue with the product and we give either the refund or replacements after adjusting the shipping charges. 

Shipping charges will be charged on buyer's side as we either give free delivery with prepaid orders or if cash on delivery the cod charges will be deducted with shipping charges. 
Depending on the condition of returned product the refunds will get issued to the buyer.
If any questions call us at 8168067471 or email us at

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