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Android Tv Boxes

Why we buy Android Tv Boxes ?

Android TV boxes are used to make an ordinary old TV into a Smart TV. If your TV has an HDMI port then it will be very easy to make it smart with an Android TV box. But if your TV doesn't have HDMI then you can use a converter like HDMI2AV to connect HDMI with your old TV to use an Android TV box with TV. We have several tv boxes with different RAM & RAM and different processors to make performance better.

Note: We install some third-party Software in All Android TV Boxes for you to Enjoy Lifetime Free TV Channels, Movies, and web Series for free. We also give you Lifetime Free Software Support for future safety for watching TV Channels, Movies, and web Series for free.


Which One is best for you?

Buying an Android TV box is not a big deal but which one you should buy is the most important question. First, we have to check our budget --  If your budget is only Rs 2000 or less then only limited options are there you can buy an MXQ Pro box or an x88 Pro box which can change your normal tv to a smart tv. But if your budget goes above like upto 3500 then you can go with T95 and H96 and others also with great performance and features. T95 is a great Android box of 6k quality. 

mxq pro tv box computoucheg.com_2.jpeg

Why I should buy MXQ?

  1. Budget-friendly tv box

  2. Work like a mini android pc

  3. Connect wired or wireless keyboard and mouse anytime.

  4. Connect HDD or pen drive with USB port to access the external media files etc.

  5. Install third-party apps using a pen drive if possible


T95 comes with voice remote?

T95 Android tv box doesn't come with a voice command remote but on the other side, you can buy a voice remote like G10 separately. T95 comes with a standard remote but if you buy Along with G10 then you will be getting 2 remotes i.e. One Original standard remote and + G10 Voice remote with the T95 with all accessories. 

Note: We Install Lifetime TV Channels and Movies and Web Series Software in our buyer's TV Box for free & We provide Lifetime Free Software Support also.


H96 is better or T95 is better?

T95 Android tv box is a better performer than H96 as T95 comes with Allwinner H616 Processor which drives 6K HDR quality which provides better picture quality to enhance your viewing experience. T95 and H96 both allow you to install a maximum of all the third-party apps which includes tv channels, movies, and Web series etc. Click on the Shop Now button to buy any H96 or T95 whatever you want to buy. Both comes with 4gb Ram and 32gb rom. 

Note: We Install Lifetime TV Channels and Movies and Web Series Software in our buyer's TV Box for free & We provide Lifetime Free Software Support also.

Our Story

We have listen to our customer's requirements and tried our best to fulfill them with the help and Android Tv Box. We are still trying our best to get new varieties in our listings. We love to create new things for our customers. We like to listen to our customers for giving them new gadgets all time. 

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