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Advance Anycast M9 Plus

Advance anycast M9 Plus gives you the best viewing experience when you will be watching everything directly from your phone to your tv. It will convert your tv to a Wireless Display to use the screen mirroring feature from your Phone to your Tv. 

Box Contains an Anycast dongle,  a power cable/data cable, user manual. 

Basic Requirements:  You tv must have a HDMI port to connect anycast otherwise you have to buy an HDMI2AV converter.

Your Smartphone must have a casting option to connect with the Anycast dongle when Anycast is already connected to your Tv.

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How it works?  Terms & Conditions for this product

Anycast M9 Plus is a Wireless Display Dongle that will help you in watching everything from your smartphone to your big-screen tv and projector also. Watching everything means only the allowed online content which allows you to cast from your phone to the tv. 

Contents in the box: Anycast dongle with wifi inbuilt + power cable (just like a data cable) + user manual.

How it works. 

Step 1

Change the Anycast Dongle to the miracast option

Step 2

Use your casting option from your smartphone to search for casting devices after connecting your anycast with a tv or projector. 


Find the correct device and click to connect for making the connection between your smartphone and your tv with the help of Anycast. 

Step 4. 

Enjoy watching everything as you will be watching everything whatever you will play on the phone will come to your big-screen TV.


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