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Facebook Problems Online?

Facebook is a great social media platform where you can engage with your friends and family members. Life is running very fast with the things around you and the Facebook platform is a way to connect and share your life activity with the people who were around you at a particular time ago. But you can get issues sometimes with your Facebook account which are not fixed easily online. That's why we launched a Facebook help desk to provide premium help to our customers to fix their Facebook account issues online. 

Disclaimer:  Telvisio Solutions is an Online Software Service by our Online Experts and is not linked with Facebook or any other social media platform. We disclaim that Telvisio Solutions is anyhow not connected with any other online running platform. Telvisio Solutions does it job independently. 

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Facebook Support for Facebook Account problems

Facebook doesn't provide any customer care support as Facebook is a free platform and they do not give these kind of services but on the other side, Telvisio Solutions give support to our customers which can also take care of your Facebook Issues. 

Telvisio Solutions provides the best support to our customers to fix their Facebook Issues. 

Facebook Support for Facebook Account hacked.

When your Facebook Account is hacked you must be very careful. Sometimes some hackers can create issues as they are taking out money from the owner of the Facebook account by blackmailing or asking for money from relatives after hacking into Facebook. 

How we can help?

We check the issue first, Understand the problems, find out the cause of issues, and find the best way to fix it. 

This is how we deal with the problem of Facebook. 

As Facebook works with a systematic way ..that makes it slow to fix sometimes. 

The verification process can take from 15-30 days of time which is just normal. 

Facebook Takes the ID and confirms with the department for genuineness and then only they allow to use a Facebook Account. 

A Big question - When Somebody Hacks into your account?
Reporting is the only way to fix this issue. 

We have a special team for this. We checked the account. We track who uses this account. We warn the person not to use it as we can track by ip address. 
We sent a le
gal notice for the same. We warn again by the letter also. 
We close the account if anything happens with the help of Facebook.

This is a lengthy process that can take around 30-45 days to fix completely.
We work on this with our best Experts' Help.

Telvisio Solutions Helpdesk call now at +1-315-352-0952
Best Televisio Solutions Helpline for Facebook Account problems.


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