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Technical Support and Services for Printers

Telvisio Solutions is a unique kind of Technical Support that helps you in fixing your computer as well as all the peripherals like printers. We help our customers for all kind of printers like different brands like Cannon, Hp, Brothers, Epson etc. We are serving to our customers from 2003 and fixing all the issues with our best efforts. We have a very long list of Satisfied Customers which are very happy with our Support services. 


+1 (315) 352 0952


Telvisio Solutions Helps in several ways like

  1. Set up New Printer

  2. Installation of a Printer

  3. Configuration of a Printer in Work Station

  4. Installation of all Printer Drivers

  5. Set-up Networking for the devie

  6. Configuration of all Settings to optimum levels

  7. Test Printing

  8. Test Scanning

  9. Test Fax 

Our Special Service provides

Our Technical Support Agents helps you our over a Remote Session and find out the issues with your printer first, they investigate the issue and find our the cause first, They find out the best fit solutions for the issue and then they give the information of the issue to our customers and fix the issues accordingly as per customers satisfaction. This is how our tech support team works.

Types of Printers We can take care of

We can fix max all kind of printers as we have highly experienced guys who takes care of these kind of issues from a very long time. Basically we have fixed all

1. Laser Printers

2. Daisy Wheel Printers

3. Inkjet Printers

4. Dye Sublimation Printers

5. Multifuction Printers

5. Dot Matrix Printers

6. Photo Printers

7. Portable Printers

8. Ink Tanks Printers Like Epson, Cannon, Hp Printers etc.

We Provide Support for the Following Printer Brands

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